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Artrunner: Chinatown: "Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific"...

Artrunner: Chinatown: "Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific"...: Gajin Fujita "Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific" at LA Louver 27 May - 2 July 2015 13 paintings were display...

"Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific" by Gajin Fujita at LA Louver

Gajin Fujita "Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific" at LA Louver
27 May - 2 July 2015

13 paintings were displayed which were created over the past four years. References are made in Fujita's works to greater Los Angeles cultural elements throughout linking the present in said city with elements of the Japanese past.

Works inspired by ukiyo-e woodblock prints.
"Let's Rock" 2014

"Drunken Demon" 2014

"Thunder God Queller"

"Pacific Ghost" 2014

"2X (double) Edge Sword"

"Southland Standoff" 2014

"Demon Slayer"

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Corazon y Vida" exhibition by Rick Ortega at Casa 0101

Exhibited at Casa 0101 in Boyle Heights, Rick Ortega's "Corazon y Vida" is one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. Ortega proudly brings to life many breathtaking and inspiring scenes from Mexico's prehispanic and more recent past. Most of the paintings are concerned with the prehispanic past. There is a deep sense of spirituality in his work. I like his use of subdued yet warm colors.

"Tu Recuerdo y Yo" 
oil on wood

Tu Recuerdo y Yo or "Your Memory and I" reflects the past in a rural Mexican setting. There seems to be a strong silence in this painting evoked by the position of the woman's head. It is as if something was said that has both characters in a pensive trance. It seems to be a melancholy moment.

"Coatlicue/Mother of Earth 
Life and Death" 
oil and mixed media on wood

Coatlicue or "Serpent Skirt" was a major deity of the Aztec pantheon.

"La Maestra/Lady of Tula" 
oil on canvas

There is a sense of strength and heroism in this painting. There is also a sense of beauty which is derived from juxtaposing beautiful flowers with a woman that has indigenous features. Tula is one of the great cities of Mexico's prehispanic past. It would make sense for someone from Tula to be called "maestro/a" or teacher as the Aztec culture was predated by the Toltec culture from Tula. The Aztecs actually adopted many cultural elements from Tula.

oil on canvas

Xochitl means "flower". The woman in this painting is a person of importance as she is not only a part of ritual but also someone that transmits culture. She is holding a sort of book in her hands which transmits written culture. Note the incense burning. Incense was and is and important part of prehispanic ritual.

"A Moment of Silence" 
oil on canvas

This woman is remembering those who have gone on into infinity without us. She is experiencing a spiritual moment during the Day of the Dead. There are cempasuchil flowers in the painting. These flowers bring life to altars during this festive moment.

"Curandera de la Madre Tierra" 
oil on canvas

Curandera de la Madre Tierra or "Healer of the Mother Earth" depicts the artists vision of the spiritual importance of women and all that they bring to our reality.

"Between Father Sky and Mother Earth" 
oil on canvas

In this painting we see the connection between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

"Chantico/Goddess of Fire" 
oil on canvas

Another scene where a woman plays a major role in ritual.

"Alma Espiritual" 
oil on canvas

Alma Espiritual or "Spiritual Soul" depicts the spiritual ties between femininity, nature's beauty and spirituality.

"The Fire Within" 
oil on canvas

The Fire Within shows us a mysterious and seductive woman.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Artrunner: Chinatown: Spring 2013 in the Chinatown Arts District

Artrunner: Chinatown: Spring 2013 in the Chinatown Arts District: It's now Spring 2014 and we are barely posting material from Spring 2013. We hope to put up some new material soon! Here we go! Mico...

Spring 2013 in the Chinatown Arts District

It's now Spring 2014 and we are barely posting material from Spring 2013. We hope to put up some new material soon! Here we go!

Micol Hebron's "Reverse Engineering" was at Jancar from March 9 to April 13, 2013. The artist's reception happened on March 9, 2013 from 6 to 9.

I didn't think much of this artist's work.

In the backroom there was a  lady on TV crying in desperation. You could sit and watch it from a couch with a bottle of booze on a table right by it. Amazing....

At Charlie James Gallery you could see Nery Gabriel Lemus' installation A Hero Aint Nothin' But A Sandwich from February 16 to April 13, 2013.

Here you see the words "papi" which is father in Spanish as spoken by a child. The words are made out of traditional Mexican textiles. Next to these words is an object made with similar textiles that appears to have an eye.

Here we have a horse or a donkey with a Chavo del Ocho doll on it. The doll is put into place by a couple of belts. El Chavo del Ocho was a Mexican television character from the seventies. El Chavo was a poor kid that lived in a barrel in a "vecindario" or poor neighborhood. El Chavo had no parents. He lacked a father figure and this installation puts a critical eye on male heroes which are father figures of sorts.

Hilarious and to the point. This installation was pretty good!

Spiderman as drawn by a child. He's asking a question which seems to refer to his impotence. Once again an apparent failure of the hero figure.

Jim Thompson "1977" from February 16 to April 13, 2013. This installation was downstairs.

I don't care for baseball and didn't care for this installation.

At Coagula was the "Yes" show featuring Carol Es,Vito Lorusso, Michael Maas, Antonio Mendoza, Joe O'Neill, Leigh Salgado, Sharon Suhovy, Joshua Petker and Jerk. The opening reception was on April 6, 2013 from 6 to 9.

Not my cup of tea but this is an example of the best this show had to offer.

What can you say about these three D roses other than they are beautiful? I would hang them on my wall. Definitely!

Not really my cup of tea either but I like the composition and colors. In my eyes it's a bit anthropomorphic. Who knows? Ask the artist. He just may know....

Another cool composition.

When it rains it pours. I found this work to be worthy of photographing.

L2 Kontemporary featured Gronk's installation India Queen from March 30 to May 4, 2013.

I liked the colors and compositions. Won't say much cause I can't say much. In my opinion this kind of stuff is eye candy.


Very nice!

Sabina Lee featured Kaoru Soeno's "A View" from April 6 - May 6, 2013.

I didn't care much for it but I should mention that one of my friends purchased on of these works.

Not very interesting.

More of the same.

Another view of the works.

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Artrunner: Chinatown: Artrunner Extra: Bergamot Station

Artrunner: Chinatown: Artrunner Extra: Bergamot Station: Bergamot Station is located in the affluent city of Santa Monica. It has several galleries but most seem to sell art that is intended to loo...